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Allwood Neighbourhood House

Allwood Neighbourhood House hosts the 'Welcome Platypus Festival', a celebration of community, arts and environment in Hurstbridge. The event is held in march each year.


Angair Incorporated

ANGAIR (Anglesea, Aireys Inlet Society for the Protection of Flora and Fauna) was established in 1969 through the influence of local resident Mrs Edith Lawn. The Society is dedicated to protecting...


Australian Plants Society Victoria

Australian Plants Society Victoria (APSV) promotes the growing and conservation of Australian native plants. Through engagement with district groups around the state, the APSV aims to bring...



Bayside Climate Change Action Group

BCCAG (Bayside Climate Change Action Group) is a non-profit, community organisation that aims to reduce the human contribution to, and the impact of, climate change by creating and delivering...


Beam-Mitchell Environment Group

The Beam-Mitchell Environment Group aims to protect and care for our natural environment for a sustainable future. Their main focus is the Mitchell Shire in North Central Victoria, but concerns...


Benalla Sustainable Future Group

The Benalla Sustainable Future Group was established in 2010 by Benalla and District residents concerned about environmental sustainability and the lack of action on climate change both locally...


Bendigo & District Environment Council

The Bendigo and District Environment Council are determined environmental advocates. They have worked extensively with the City of Greater Bendigo on a range of policies and planning schemes...


Black Rock Sandringham Conservation Association

Black Rock Sandringham Conservation Association (BRASCA). grow out of the experience of citizens in Black Rock, Sandringham and Beaumaris that, in 1969, banded together to prevent the cliff...


Blackburn and District Tree Preservation Society

When the Blackburn Tree Preservation Society was first formed in November 1959, it worked hard to preserve the local natural environment and protect areas of remnant bush.

Over the last...



BREAZE is a locally formed group of energetic, forward thinking people who believe that there are more sustainable ways of living on our patch of the planet. As a small not for profit community...



Cardinia Environment Coalition

The Cardinia Environment Coalition (CEC) aims are to protect and enhance the natural environment in the Cardinia Shire and adjoining areas, working across the Central Western Port and part of the...


Coalition Against Duck Shooting

The Coalition against Duck Shooting campaigns against the recreational shooting of native waterbirds. So far, three states have banned the practise - Western Australia (1990), New South Wales (...


Cool Australia

Cool Australia is a not for profit organisation that provides award winning, curriculum-linked resources for teachers and students at no cost. Our vision is for every Australian student to leave...


Croydon Conservation Society

The Croydon Conservation Society (CCS) has been active in local issues for over 40 years. It advocates on behalf of the community to maintain and improve the local environment. This includes local...



Darebin Parklands Association

The Darebin Parklands Association (DPA) Inc is a local community friends group. The group was initially founded in 1973 as the Rockbeare Park Conservation Group, which was formed to preserve and...


Dolphin Research Institute

The dolphin research institute is a CSIRO approved organization that aims to protect dolphins and their environment. It conducts dolphin research in Victoria, education for community and schools,...



Eastern Climate Action Melbourne

Eastern Climate Action Melbourne (ECAM) is a community group of like-minded people passionate about restoring our world to good health where the most dangerous impacts of climate change have been...


Eco Shout

 Eco-shout is a catalyst to action for those campaigning for environmental and social justice. The Eco-shout website includes a universal calendar of events in Victoria, a directory of active...


Environmental Farmers Network

The Environmental Farmers Network is an organisation intent on improving environmental health of private and public land in farming areas. The EFN will make its views known on a variety of issues...



Field Naturalist Club of Victoria

The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV) is Victoria's oldest natural history group, established in 1880. Early Club members for two decades successfully worked towards reservation of...


Field Naturalists Club Ballarat

The objective of the Field Naturalists Club Ballarat (FNCB) is to stimulate interest in natural history and to encourage the preservation and protection of the natural environment. The club has a...


Friends of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

The Friends of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park assist with weed control, flora and fauna monitoring and surveys. They encourage the community to value and use the park and become involved in its...


Friends of Edithvale - Seaford Wetlands

The Friends of Edithvale - Seaford Wetlands aim to conserve the wetland reserves and buffers the of Edithvale - Seaford Wetland Environmental Area. Their objectives are to: promote and encourage...


Friends of Gardiner's Creek Valley

In recent times, the Friends of Gardiner's Creek Valley have landscaped and planted the sloping bank along the Monash Freeway in Glenburn Bend Park as part of an integrated urban bush care...


Friends of Leadbeater's Possum

Friends of the Leadbeater Possum (LBP) aim to engage in strategies for the conservation of LBP, monitor the status of LBP in the wild and captivity, monitor the State Government's Recovery...


Friends of Mallacoota

The Friends meet on the second Saturday of each month (Feb to Dec) at 11:00 am in the Green Room of the Mallacoota Hotel. Visitors are welcome.   

A small group of members...


Friends of Merri Creek

The friends of Merri Creek are a voluntary community group which aims to preserve and restore the Merri Creek, its environs and tributaries. In 1995 they began a campaign to prevent the F2 freeway...


Friends of Ocean Grove Nature Reserve

The Friends of Ocean Grove Nature Reserve work to educate the public about the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve's fauna, flora and habitat and assist in weed control, planting, protection of...


Friends of Plenty River

Friends of Plenty River revegetates the Plenty River, mainly Lower Plenty, Yallambie and Montmorency. Education and community days are also a major focus.



Geelong Environment Council

The Geelong Environment Council (GEC)was formed in 1972 to assist in the protection of the environment in and around Geelong. The GEC has been involved in the 'Save the Otways' campaign and...


Geelong Field Naturalists' Club

The Geelong Field Naturalists' Club aims to stimulate the study and appreciation of natural history by lectures, discussions and excursions to areas of ecological interest. They also strive to...


Gene Ethics

Gene Ethics envisages a safer, more equitable and more sustainable GM-free society. Gene Ethics is a non-profit educational network of citizens and kindred groups. We want the precautionary...


Gippsland Environment Group

GEG focuses predominantly on the East Gippsland region and its purpose is to:

  • Promote conservation values and environmental understanding
  • Raise awareness of the Gippsland...

Goulburn Valley Environment Group

Founded in 1990, the Goulburn Valley Environment Group (GVEG) aims to promote environmental awareness and responsibility. They provide creative, positive outlets for community volunteers through...


Greater Dandenong Environmental Group

The Greater Dandenong Environmental Group actively raises awareness of environmental issues. They manage a nursery for indigenous plants to be planted out at local reserves and schools in...


Greening of Riddell

The Greening of Riddell is a volunteer group which has taken responsibility for the rehabilitation and maintenance of Wybejong Park as its major focus. Activities include monthly working bees...


Greenlink Box Hill

Greenlink Box Hill is a volunteer organisation that works in conjunction with the City of Whitehorse in restoration and management of local flora. Activities focus on propagating plants at our...



Knox Environment Society

The Knox Environment Society runs a community nursery with volunteer members. Indigenous plants are propagated from seed collected within Knox and sold to the public.




Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists' Club

The Larobe Valley Field Naturalists Club was formed in Morwell in 1960 with the aims of fostering an enjoyment of the world of nature and working for the preservation of the flora and fauna of the...


Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group

The Latrove Valley Sustainability Group is a grass roots citizen's group dedicated to encouraging the acceptance and understanding of the principles of sustainability by the wider community....


Lighter Footprints

Lighter Footprints, is a group of concerned residents from Boroondara and Whitehorse municipalities in Melbourne who came together in 2006 to see what we could do about the serious challenge of...



Macedon Ranges Sustainabilty Group

The Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group is a not for profit, community based organisation driven by volunteers from across the shire. We currently have more than 350 members and several active...


Maryborough Field Naturalists Club

 Maryborough Field Naturalists Club has interest in environmental conservation and natural histroy of all kinds. 


Moorabool Environment Group

Moorabool Environment Group is an Incorporated Association concerned with environmental issues in the Moorabool Shire of Victoria, Australia. Moorabool Shire has a population of approx 27,000...


Mordialloc-Beaumaris Conservation League

The Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League was formed in August 1969 and has constantly campaigned to protect the local environment. The leauge pursues conservation issues as they affect the...


Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd

Moreland Energy Foundation (MEFL) is dedicated to tackling climate change.
We work with communities, partners and governments to implement sustainable energy projects.
We undertake...


Mt Alexander Sustainability Group

The Sustainability Group has over 1000 voting members: local people taking action to combat climate change. Our members are householders and local schools, businesses, and community organisations...


Mullum Branch, Australian Conservation Foundation

The Mullum Branch of the Australian Conservation Foundation was established in 1986 in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It has been involved in a wide range of issues from local to...



Native Fish Australia

Native Fish Australia is a volunteer organisation that is open to anyone who cares about the well-being of Australia's native freshwater fish and the rivers, streams and other waterways that...


Nepean Conservation Group

The Nepean Conservation Group Inc (NCG). was previously known as the Sorrento Portsea Blairgowrie Conservation Group Inc. The NCG covers the Nepean Peninsula, from Canterbury Jetty Road down to...



Peninsula Field Naturalists Club

The Peninsula Field Naturalists Club was established in 1954 and has built up a considerable knowledge base of the natural history of the Mornington Peninsula, extending to locations all around...


Phillip Island Conservation Society

The Phillip Island Conservation Society (PICS)conducts important on-the-ground and lobbying work in the interests of saving existing wild places and creatures. The PICS aims to preserve and...


Port Phillip Ecocentre

The Port Phillip Ecocentre is a not-for-profit community 'umbrella' group which supports local initiatives to protect and enhance biodiversity in the Port Phillip region. The Ecocentre is...


Portland Field Naturalists Club Inc

 We are a conservation group who have been instrumental in the establishment of Lower Glenelg National Park, Discovery Bay Coastal Park, Mount Richmond National Park and Cobboboonie National...



Residents Against Toxic Waste in the South East

Residents Against Toxic Waste in the South East (RATWISE) is a community action group campaigning against the dumping of hazardous waste at the Lyndhurst landfill. The support the findings of the...



Save Albert Park Inc

Our Objectives:

  •     to stop motor racing in Albert Park
  •     to reclaim & restore Albert Park as public open space & parkland
  • ...

Save the Dandenongs League

The Save the Dandenongs League promotes the preservation of historical and natural beauty of the Dandenong Ranges as a national asset for all time.


South East Australian Naturalist Association

The South East Australian Naturalist Association links feild naturalists clubs across Victoria and adjoining areas of South Australia and New South Wales. It fosters regional activities which...


South Gippsland Conservation Society

 South Gippsland Conservation Society is a not for profit group that aims to further conservation of the earths natural resources to acheive logical sustainability. 


Southern Dandenongs Landcare Group

The Southern Dandenongs Landcare Group was founded in August 2007 with the aim to protect and preserve the remnant vegetation of the southern section of the Dandenong Ranges, particularly the...



The GENI Foundation

GENI is an international non government, non profit organisation accredited with the United Nations and affiliated throughout the world. Predominantly serviced by enthusiastic and committed...


The Hub Foundation

The Hub is an office and restaurant complex on the corner of Barker and Templeton Streets in Castlemaine. The owners, Neil and Heather Barrett, have been involved in climate change and renewable...



Upper Goulburn Field Naturalists Club

Activities include conservation, flora and fauna surveys and most of all enjoyment of our natural environment.


Urimbirra Co-operative Society

Urimbirra Co-operative was formed in 1973 to purchase 400 hectares of more or less virgin bush in the Little Desert region of the Wimmera district of Victoria. It followed a controversy in the...



Victorian Mobile Landcare Group

The formation of the Victorian Mobile Landcare Group (VMLCG) represents the next phase of the development of the Mobile Landcare concept. Formed by people passionate about land care through...


Victorian Mountain Tramping Club

Victorian Mountain Tramping Club has a reputation for adventurous trips.

Most weekends throughout the year, we program a day walk as well as an overnight expedition or base camp. there are...



Warringal Conservation Society

Warringal Conservation Society is a local not-for-profit, community based organisation caring for the environment in Banyule. Formed in 1970, the Society is an active and productive steward of the...


Warrnambool Field Naturalists Club

The Warrnambool Field Naturalists Club aims to give opportunities to know and enjoy Australia's natural environment. The Club holds monthly meetings as well as monthly field outings.


Western Melbourne Catchments Network

WMCN is a not-for-profit association for individuals, groups and agencies that share an environmental vision for the wider Werribee catchment. WMCN:

  • unites, strengthens and resources...

Westernport & Peninsula Protection Council

The Westernport & Peninsula Protection Council (WPPC) aims to preserve and protect the dwindling natural systems of the region. The WPPC's programs are aimed at preserving and...


Willing Workers On Organic Farms Pty Ltd

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, to build a sustainable...


Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health

Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health (WATCH) members are community advocates for a safe climate. They meet with politicians, host events, give presentations, collaborate with other groups and...



Yarra Riverkeepers Association

We are a not-for-profit community organisation formed in 2004 by a group of citizens who love the Yarra River, and care for its future. Our aim is to protect and restore the Yarra River and its...


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