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It's time to move Beyond Coal

In the wake of one of Victoria's worst ever pollution events at Hazelwood coal mine, it’s time to face up to the real cost of coal to Victoria - to our health, our environment and to our communities.

It’s time to start phasing out our dirtiest and most outdated power stations and moving toward clean, renewable energy. We have alternative sources of energy like wind and solar that don’t pollute our lungs, our towns and our climate; don’t have massive clean-up costs; and are cheaper to run.

Instead of propping up old coal, promoting new coal and blocking the renewable industry, it’s time for our state government to accept responsibility for protecting Victorians from the toxic impacts of coal and from the society-wide impacts of climate change.

It’s time to move Beyond Coal.

Sign the petition below to Daniel Andrews. We'll also forward a copy to Matthew Guy.

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