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Remember Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest power station? This inefficient, polluting dinosaur has been rated the dirtiest in the industrialised world. 
Every year, it spews out 16.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas. That’s 13 percent of Victoria’s carbon pollution annually. It also guzzles the equivalent of an entire month's worth of Melbourne’s water use, every year! 
It's hard to believe but right now, you and I are paying this polluting clunker and other coal-fired power stations, to keep polluting! How did this all happen?
You’re probably aware that the carbon price package contained some great things, like the promise to pay for the closure of our dirtiest power stations, including Hazelwood. It also contained elements that Environment Victoria never supported like the massive $5.5 billion compensation payments to our biggest polluters. 
Unfortunately the Gillard Government abandoned their promise to close some of these power stations, whilst keeping the compensation, destroying the balance of the carbon price package and tipping it in favour of the big polluters! And that means:
- Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest power station, is too profitable to   close!
- Australian taxpayers are paying for pollution instead of the  polluters. 
It's the worst offenders – polluting companies burning brown coal - who are laughing all the way to the bank. And they continue to pump an enormous 60 million tonnes of greenhouse gas into atmosphere every year.*
This compensation and other fossil fuel subsidies are the biggest roadblock that the clean energy industry faces. And so, is one of the biggest barriers to addressing climate change.
Together you and I will call for the withdrawal of the remaining $4.5 billion in compensation and let the carbon price get on with the job of cleaning up our energy supply and securing our future. And together we’ll demand that this money be reallocated to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.
So how will we spend your generous donation? Good question.
Most Australians don’t know that the government will give away $50 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel companies over the next 5 years. We’ll get this story out, and set off a political and media storm. Your generous donation will also be used to help fund:
- a critical report to prove that some of the big polluters are expecting windfall profits due to the compensation;
- efficient, grass-roots lobbying; and
- massive online campaign that’ll really make the pollies sit up and take notice.
We've only got a few months to force a review of the remaining $4.5 Billion before next year’s payments are made and the Federal Budget finalised. So please make a donation today.
Yours sincerely,
Kelly O’Shanassy and the team at Environment Victoria
* 60 million tonnes of greenhouse emissions by the six Victorian power stations receiving the compensation

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