Welcome. It’s great to see you here. It’s not too late to create the systemic change we need to save our climate. Together we can stop more horrific disasters from happening. Take me straight down to the donation form >
Your donation today to stamp out harmful fossil fuel subsidies and compensation will help to 
1) impact the economic viability for many of our dirtiest power stations like Hazelwood 
2) prevent growth in coal exports and 
3) free up billions of dollars that could be spent on clean energy solutions.
And that’s a BIG deal. Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies globally could provide half of the carbon savings needed to stop the cataclysmic global warming we’re headed for.[1]  
That makes your donation today one of the most important actions you can take right now to prevent the impacts of catastrophic climate change destroying the lives of so many people.
We’ve only got two months to impact the federal budget. That’s why your support is so urgent.
So how will we do it? Good question. Your support will help to:
  • Bring the insanity of fossil fuel subsidies and polluter compensations in the age of climate change to the attention of Australians via media and an online campaign.
  • Execute a national day of action at petrol stations to dramatically raise public awareness about paying the diesel bills of some of the world’s largest mining companies.
  • Lobby Federal MPs with petitions and local media stunts so they’ll take the fight to parliament on our behalf.
  • Build an alliance of state, national and international environment and activist groups to help win the fight of our lives.
Thank you so much for any donation you can give today and thank you for making a difference.

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