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It’s great to have you here because this is a situation like no other. Victoria’s environment is under an unprecedented attack with decades of environmental protection wins being rapidly overturned. And failed attempts have been made to silence the community voice that want our environment protected not plundered.

You can stand up for our environment and show this government that we can’t be silenced by becoming a Green Action Partner for less than $1  a day. Take me straight down to the sign up form

Since being elected the Victorian Coalition Government has opened up Victoria as a free-for-all for brown coal mining, logging and corporate profit at the expense of our environment. Approving a new HRL coal fired power station, throwing out the target to reduce Victoria’s emissions by 20 percent, making solar more expensive for households, making it virtually impossible to build new wind farms, planning for growth in a dirty brown coal export industry  –  all this was just the beginning!

In 2013 400 jobs were slashed  in the Department of Sustainability and Environment, which was later merged with the Department of Primary Industries. Following this marine research and Park Victoria jobs were also cut.

The integrity of national parks was undermined by opening them up for development and announcing an inquiry to extend mining prospecting. Also big building plans  for Melbournes green wedges – a vital habitat corridor for the endangered Brown Bandicoot - were announced.

And in a style not seen for years, they defunded Environment Victoria just before this onslaught began in 2010 in an effort to silence the voice of people like us who would speak out against it.

But something amazing has also happened. Other Victorians - who in their love for Victoria’s environment and forward thinking for a clean energy future - are jumping on board to help Reclaim Victoria’s Environment. The momentum is building.

As we stand up to this regressive government and transform the status quo, our effectiveness comes in numbers. We're building a volunteer force to protect our environment for decades to come.

Please stand with us and become a Green Action Partner today. As a Green Action Partner, your ongoing monthly gift of $29 will help safeguard Victoria’s environment for the long term. That's less than $1 a day. Click here to sign up right away

This is one battle in a long challenge between people standing up for their environment vs corporate greed. So we’ll need all the help we can get. 

Your one-off donations help us to deal with short-term environmental emergencies, like stopping HRL and brown coal exports, ending polluter handouts and our advertising campaign exposing the totality of this attack on our environment and the solutions for change.

But to protect our environment for the long-term, we need your committed support to implement our longer term strategy to ensure that the environment stays at the top of the political agenda.

We’ll also rally Victoria’s business leaders to speak out in support of a green economy and promote green solutions. We’ll shape the business world to be sustainable and create lasting change. This is a key way to ensure that the protection of our environment and climate becomes entrenched in our economy and lives, so that no reckless, rouge government can do this kind of damage ever again. 

Together, you and I, with others like us will deliver a game changer that supersedes government and their silly political games and reclaim Victoria’s environment.

So become a Green Action Partner today. Just complete the secure, online form below to sign up. We can’t do it without you.

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