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The Boomerang Alliance

At Environment Victoria, we believe in team work. That’s why we’ve joined a bunch of other environment groups to work together to make Australia a zero waste leader. We call ourselves the Boomerang Alliance.

(You can see a full list of our friends, here)

We work with business, government and the community to reduce waste across this great country of ours.

The Boomerang Alliance is campaigning for:

  • Extended Producer Responsibility for all products that pose a problem
  • Waste levies in each state
  • Shifting the cost of managing waste to those who make the products
  • Developing the systems to help companies take-back their products at the end of their lifecycle
  • Providing incentives for waste to be reprocessed locally and for alternative technologies to be used
  • Encouraging new markets to grow around environmentally friendly products (including those that are made out of recycled material)

We’ve also developed a National Recycling Initiative: a series of proposals that we think will help the recycling industry secure its future. For instance, with a little bit of financial support, we can create 2,300 direct jobs and a further 5,800 jobs in service and supply to the industry.

We think that’s worth getting excited about!

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13 November 2014



100 Days till Victorian election: parties on notice to protect the environment

21 August 2014
The state’s leading environmental voice, Environment Victoria, has today called for all political parties to make clear their...

Federal Budget takes the axe to climate and environment protection and Coalition’s environment credentials

13 May 2014

Environment Victoria has described this evening’s Federal Budget as permanently damaging, both to the environment, but also to the Coalition’...


Environment protection and programs slashed in State Budget

6 May 2014

With massive cuts to environmental programs and a failure to honor its 2010 election commitments, Environment Victoria has described today’s State Budget as backwards looking and damaging for the state...


New analysis helps Australians navigate federal election promises on environment

13 August 2013
Environment Victoria has today released ‘Envirotracker’ a detailed analysis of the environment and climate change...

Budget abandons outstanding environment election promises

7 May 2013
Environment Victoria has described today’s budget as a continuation of the Coalition’s deeply disappointing record on protecting the environment and supporting...

Victorians urged to get in quick before solar hot water rebates axed

Friday, 3 May 2013  

Environment Victoria has warned Victorians wanting to install solar hot water that they have weeks to act before the State Government abolishes the...


Merger puts 'fox in hen house'

11 April 2013
Peter Collins, Warrnambool Standard
Environment watchdog groups have slammed the state government’s departmental mergers, with one describing it as like putting the fox in the...

DSE merger signals risk antiquated approach to environment will continue

Tuesday, 9 April 2013  

Today Premier Naphine announced the merger of the Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Department of Primary Industry, as...


Water use soars after heatwave

14 March 2013
Jason Dowling, The Age

The water use records keep tumbling this year, with Melbourne recording another record in the past week.

With temperatures well into the...


From Twitter Twitter


Cash for Cans, of course we can

posted by charlie.davie on Friday, 20 December, 2013 - 13:23

Coca Cola and their allies are working hard to block a cash for containers scheme for Australia that has huge support in the community. 

Cash for containers, or the container deposit scheme (CDS), describes systems in which people pay a deposit for packaging when they buy a product...


Hit the Garage Sale Trail!

posted by charlie.davie on Friday, 18 October, 2013 - 12:02

Get active in the One Planet Economy this month by visiting or running a Garage Sale. October is the best month to do it because Saturday 26 October is Garage Sale Trail day.

One powerful action we can all take to reduce our impact on the planet is simply to spend less...


Go for zero! Be a zero-waste hero...

posted by Tom on Friday, 21 June, 2013 - 12:55

Do you think you could go a week without generating any waste?

It might sound impossible, but with our guide to zero-waste living you’re in with a fighting chance. Inspired by Moreland Council’s Zero Waste Challenge we’re challenging you to go a whole week without...


Look inside a recycling factory

posted by nina.bailey on Tuesday, 21 May, 2013 - 15:22

I’ve recently taken two groups of North Melbourne residents, including some of our Recycle Now Recycle Champions, to SKM Recycling in Coolaroo to learn more about what happens after we put our household recycling products into the recycling bin.

These field trips, as always, have...


North Melbourne Recycle Now

posted by richardwhatley on Friday, 5 April, 2013 - 17:20

Volunteering with Environment Victoria since December 2012 has been an interesting and rewarding experience thus far. My background has previously been in farming and the construction industry so the attitudes and objectives of the working environment when compared with an organisation like...


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Our Community Counts Rally - Jane Stabb's speech On Sunday 6 July, 25,000 Victorians braved the cold yesterday to speak out against a Budget that cuts key programs for our climate and environment, while continuing to support big polluters. Environment Victoria's Community Organiser Jane Stabb...

Frankston Enviro Hub Grand Opening On Thursday 5 June, Environment Victoria launched the Frankston Enviro Hub - our brand new 2014 State Election HQ. The Enviro Hub is a place where local groups can get together and share ideas and where people can wander in for information to find out how they...

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