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EnviroWatch 2012: Two years in...

After two years under the Baillieu Government, we've assessed the delivery of their election promises on the environment and also assessed significant actions taken that were not foreshadowed prior to the election.

The audit, entitled “Envirowatch 2012: Two years in”, found that of the 58 environmental policy commitments made ahead of the election:

  • 13 commitments have been delivered in full
  • 10 commitments have been partially delivered
  • 14 commitments have not yet been delivered
  • 15 commitments represent a backwards step for our environment
  • 6 promises that were made have been broken.

It also assessed 26 significant environmental actions that were not part of the Coalition’s election platform, and found that:

  • 21 represent a backwards step for our environment
  • 5 represent a forwards step for our environment.


Download the audit here or view it online below.

Read our media release on the issue here





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