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Everything we've got on Smart Stuff (Less Waste)

Victorians are rabid recyclers. Twenty years ago, we recycled almost nothing. Now we recycle more than 60 percent of our solid waste. That's a big deal. So why does it feel like we're still behind the eight-ball?

There's lots of reasons and since you've asked for it, we've decided to dump you in the thick of it.

Don't forget to recycle it on your way out!

Electronic waste

We're techno-savvy and evolving fast. It's no wonder that e-waste is the fastest growing type of rubbish there is... Grab it

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Fluorescent lights

Mercury is not just a planet. It's also helps us light up our lives. So why is it so dangerous? See the light

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We produce enough of it every year to fill up the MCG nine-times over. Here's why packaging waste is a growing problem... Unpack it

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Drink containers

If South Australia can do it, so can we. Here's why we're gunning for national container deposit scheme... Drink it in

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Plastic bags

We use 4 billion of them a year, and that's just here in Australia. Here's why we want them banned... Take a look

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Product stewardship and producer responsibility

Most of us are doing our bit for the environment. But we need industry to come to the party ... Come on in

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Recycling and landfill

Dumping our waste is not the best solution. Here's why we're working to make landfills a thing of the past ... Sort out the trash

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Organic waste

This is one time when greener isn't better. Find out why we want to ban it from landfill... Throw me in

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Energy from waste

It reads like science fiction, but it's happening now. Some of the pro's and cons of an evolving technology... Check it out

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National DUMP & KEEP Awards

We're DUMPing the bad and KEEPing the good in packaging... Dive right in

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