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Campaign Director

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Dirty Politics hurts Clean Energy

1 September 2014

The Victorian Coalition Government's systematic campaign against renewable energy has cost Victoria investment, employment and revenue according to Sun Blocks and Wind Breaks, a report released today by Environment Victoria.

“Most of Victoria’s policy agenda for a cleaner and more efficient energy mix has been deliberately dismantled over the past four years,” said Mark Wakeham, CEO of Environment Victoria.

“This report details how these ideological attacks have seen Victoria fall behind states like South Australia in the race to embrace clean energy. Victoria continues to have the dirtiest power supply in the country.



Warburton Review escalates Abbott Government’s attacks on clean energy. Key election promise broken if recommendations adopted

Thursday, 28 August 2014  

Environment Victoria has today dismissed the Warburton review of the renewable energy...


100 Days till Victorian election: parties on notice to protect the environment

21 August 2014
The state’s leading environmental voice, Environment Victoria, has today called for all political parties to make clear their...

Social, environment sector welcome State Opposition support for VEET

8 August 2014

Victoria’s peak social justice and environmental organisations have welcomed the State Opposition’s statements in Parliament yesterday in support of the Victorian Energy Efficiency...


Energy Brix Power station closure heralds beginning of the end for oldest and dirtiest power stations 

29 July 2014

Environment Victoria has today described the closure of the Energy Brix power station in the Latrobe Valley as the beginning of the end for Victoria’s...


SCAA welcomes broad based support for Anglesea coal plant closure

18 July 2014

Anglesea based community group Surf Coast Air Action (SCAA) has welcomed the support of Doctors for the Environment Australia, GetUp!, Environment Victoria, Friends of the Earth, Surf Coast Energy...


Repeal of carbon laws a windfall for big polluters and a blow for a safe climate

17 July 2014

The Federal Government’s repeal of Australia’s carbon laws is poor policy, short-sighted and protects vested interests ahead of Australia’s national interest...


Napthine Government goes to water on environmental levy

25 June 2014

The Napthine Government has failed to spend a dedicated environmental levy on its proper purpose of river protection and restoration, says a...


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