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Farmers question campaign to fence Victorian rivers

28 Aug 2014: A campaign to fence Victoria's 17,000km of public riverside land has been questioned by the Victorian Farmers Federation, who said fencing should not be mandatory.


Latrobe Valley brown coal plant mothballed

30 Jul 2014: The Energy Brix brown coal power plant and briquette factory in the Latrobe Valley will be mothballed, with up 70 jobs to be made redundant as a result.


Coal-fired power station to close in Latrobe Valley, despite $50 million federal bailout

30 Jul 2014: A brown coal-fired power station and briquette factory in Victoria's Latrobe Valley will close next month, two years after receiving a $50 million Federal Government bailout package.


Carbon tax repeal reaction

21 Jul 2014: THE Latrobe Valley's brown-coal power stations have been labelled the "biggest beneficiaries" following the repeal of the carbon tax.


Company scraps $230m wave power project off Victorian coast

17 Jul 2014: A proposed multi-million dollar wave power project off the south-western Victorian coast has been scrapped.


Ocean Power Technologies scrap wave-power project near Portland

17 Jul 2014: A multimillion-dollar renewable energy project expected to generate hundreds of jobs in Victoria's south-west has been dumped after the company declared it was no longer viable.


Australia dumps carbon price, as repeal passes Senate

17 Jul 2014: The Abbott government’s quest to abolish Australia’s carbon pricing scheme and unravel its renewable energy support mechanisms is finally complete, with the federal Senate voting this morning to pass the Carbon Tax Repeal Bill and seven related bills through the upper house without amendment, 39 to 32.


New eco hub in Frankston to raise profile of the environment

25 Jun 2014: ENVIRONMENT Victoria has opened a new hub in Frankston to promote discussion of the environment.


Frankston: Environment Victoria to launch Enviro Hub

2 Jun 2014: With the November state election looming, the soaring costs of living is set to be a key issue in Frankston.


'No incentive' in direct action policy

28 Apr 2014: Brown coal power stations in the Latrobe Valley are unlikely to participate in the Federal Government's direct action climate change policy, according to an environmental lobby group.

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