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Hazelwood coalmine fire inquiry to reopen

24 April 2015: The inquiry into 2014's devastating Hazelwood coal mine fire will reopen in May, and will investigate fears that deaths increased in the community because of the fire, as well as options for remediation of Victorian coal mines.


Brown coal imposes $800m health cost annually on Victorians

20 April 2015: Researchers from Harvard University have produced analysis suggesting that the pollution from Victoria’s brown coal power stations are imposing annual health costs of $831 million.


Madigan’s musings threaten Murray Darling Basin Plan’s promise of certainty

1 April 2015: SENATOR John Madigan’s attempt to muddy the waters on the Murray Darling Basin Plan is reckless. The Plan is the result of years of bipartisan support from federal and state governments to resolve ­deteriorating river health due to over-extraction of water.


Climate variability out, climate change in

17 March 2015: Climate change is back on the political agenda in Victoria, with the Andrews Government considering going it alone with a state-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.


Victoria to ban e-waste in landfill

15 March 2015: With figures showing electronic junk is now the fastest growing type of waste in the country, the Andrews government has made an ambitious pledge: to ban so-called "e-waste" from landfill.


Hazelwood mine fire anniversary sparks call for better mine rehabilitation

10 Feb 2015: An environment group has used the one year anniversary of the Hazelwood mine fire, in south-east Victoria, to call for improvements to mine rehabilitation.


Requests for Labor to 'get to work' on election promises

30 Nov 2014: Peak business, environment and union groups have welcomed Victoria's new government and say they're ready for Labor to hit the ground running.


Database to monitor Vic election climate commitments

28 October 2014: Environment Victoria has created a new Promise Watch database to record the environment and climate change policy commitments of the major parties as they are announced.


Magic number 770 could be an environmental game changer in Victorian election

26 October 2014: Turning top-down political campaigning on its head, community organising is all about the people, activating and empowering the interested and concerned at the grassroots level. In Victoria, it has been embraced by the state's pre-eminent green lobby group, Environment Victoria, and supported by the powerful activist group GetUp!, which for the first time is campaigning off line and in the field.


Push for quicker rehabilitation of Latrobe Valley coal mines

23 October 2014: Faster rehabilitation of Latrobe Valley coal mines could employ hundreds of people for 20 years, generate more than $420 million of direct spending and slash the risk of fires, according to a report produced by Environment Victoria.


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