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Federal government in the way of state renewable energy targets

14 May 2015: We are extremely encouraged that the state government wants to reintroduce a state renewable energy target in the absence of federal government leadership on the issue. more

Budget 2015: the multinational tax dodge Hockey missed

12 May 2015: Federal Budget 2015: Treasurer Joe Hockey's signature crackdown on multinationals shifting profits overseas fails to acknowledge multinationals avoiding tax in Australia through the diesel rebate. more

Budget briefing: capping the diesel rebate

8 May 2015: With the Federal Budget around the corner, Environment Victoria has released a short briefing paper that outlines the case for putting a cap on the Fuel Tax Credit Scheme, also known as the diesel rebate. more

Direct Action Safeguard Mechanism provides no safeguard at all

5 May 2015: Analysis by Environment Victoria has revealed that Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions could rise by up to 20% without breaching the proposed “Safeguard Mechanism” in the Abbott Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund. more

State Budget: modest progress, but more investment needed

4 May 2015: The Budget largely delivered on Labor’s pre-election environment promises which were useful but lacked detail and are inadequate for the environmental challenges the state faces. more

Coal costing Victorians billions in health and environmental damage

20 April 2015: Researchers at Harvard University have revealed that coal power stations in Victoria are costing the public billions of dollars in health and environmental damage each year. more

Abbott’s RET attack leaves jobs blowing in the wind

14 April 2015: New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal the job-destroying impact of the federal government's attacks on the Renewable Energy Target. More than 2000 jobs have been lost in the renewable energy sector in two years. more

Diesel fuel rebate wasted on profitable mining companies who don’t need handouts

18 March 2015: Environment Victoria has described the mining industry’s attempts to side with small farmers as needy recipients of the diesel fuel rebate as disingenuous... more

Environment Victoria Submission to the Review of Performance Targets for Bushfire Fuel Management on Public Land

12 March 2015: However the current planned burning program, which focuses largely on the number of hectares burnt each year, has the strong potential to damage our natural environment... more

Renewable energy project a good green start for Andrews Government

19 February 2015: Environment Victoria welcomes the support being given by the Andrews Government to the Newstead community renewable energy project in regional Victoria.... more
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