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In 1969 a group of Victorians - scientists, naturalists and rural and suburban dwellers - joined forces to prevent the Little Desert’s unique environment from becoming an agricultural development. Because of their passion and dedication, this relatively untouched land in Victoria’s far north-west was spared and the Little Desert National Park was established.

The declaration of Little Desert was a watershed win for the Victorian environment community. It marked the beginning of a new environmental consciousness which had a profound impact on environmental decision-making. It also fired up this small group of Victorians to take on bigger challenges, and they saw the need for a peak group that focused on environmental issues at a state-wide level. And that’s how Environment Victoria got started.

The park still stands today and is of one of Victoria’s most unique landscapes. It’s home to more than 600 species of native plants, 140 species of bird, 19 native mammals and 24 reptiles.

Now, over 40 years later, we're one of Australia's leading environment groups, independent and not for profit.

We’re environmental advocates, speaking up for our environment and helping others do the same. But there’s no shortage of challenges ahead so we’d love you to join our team to safeguard our environment and the future.


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What do we do?

We're a busy bunch with quite the "to do" list – like mobilising 5 million people to safeguard Victoria’s environment... Do tell

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Why do we do it?

Let's face it. Safeguarding our environment is hard……but necessary. Find out what motivates us 

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Our goals and strategy

We’re an ambitious bunch. Check out our big, hairy and somewhat audacious goals... Get in the know

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Our Campaigns and Programs

It’s an ambitious list, but this is what we think it’ll take to safeguard our environment and our future... Get into it

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Our governance

These are the people who make sure that everything we do stays on track. Find out more about how we’re governed... Check it out

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Our Annual Report

It's been a big year (in more ways than one) and we've worked hard to make the most of it... Get the juice on the last year

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Our people

We include you for starters. And heaps of other caring people too. Find out more about our staff, board and supporters... Meet them

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Our successes

Not to get bragadocious on you, but we're quite proud of our successes... Such as?

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Join Us

Inspired to act? There are plenty of ways you can help us safeguard our environment... Tell me more



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