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Product Stewardship and Extended Producer Responsibility

Product Stewardship and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) are similar concepts, sometimes used interchangeably.

They provide incentives for producers and manufacturers to reduce waste early in the lifecycle of a product.

Under Product Stewardship, manufacturers of a product take responsibility for reducing the impact of their product on the environment. Container deposit schemes are an example of product stewardship.

Extended Producer Responsibility is a more specific approach. Under EPR, manufacturers take responsibility for their products beyond the sale of that product to the consumer. Take-back schemes are a good example of EPR in action.

Both approaches take into account the full cost of manufacturing a product – from the beginning of it’s life in the factory to the end of it’s life, after we’ve finished using it.

By employing these approaches, manufacturers factor in the environmental impact of their products when they are designing, manufacturing and selling those products.

Environment Victoria, and the rest of the Boomerang Alliance, supports the use of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility for all products.

Did you know…

The Environment Protection Act (1970) states that environmental factors should be included in the ‘valuation of assets and services’? It also states that persons who ‘generate pollution and waste should bear the cost of containment, avoidance and abatement.’


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