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It’s a state of emergency!

Since being elected the Coalition Government has opened up Victoria as a free-for-all for brown coal mining, logging and corporate profit at the expense of our environment.

They’ve turned their back on clean energy. They’ve slashed and burned Victoria’s progressive Climate Change Act. And now they want to carve up Victoria for the coal industry’s plans for a global brown coal export industry that could produce five times the amount of China’s annual emissions! 

And unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. They’re systematically dismantling forest protection, and succeeded in watering down the national plan to Save the Murray.  Scroll down to see the full list of casualties so far >

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So we’re campaigning to Reclaim Victoria’s Environment and get the environment back on the agenda of all major political parties in Victoria. We’ve done research that shows that Victorians across the board are proud of their environment. Victorians want more renewable energy and efficiency, and less coal-fired power and coal mining. And they’re not being represented by their state government.

We’re going to hold the government to account, stop the destruction and mobilise people around the solutions that are going to safeguard our air, our water, our forests and our climate for all Victorians. Are you in?

Our work is already having an impact. It's forcing the state government to act. Please keep the momentum going and take action. Join the Reclaim Victoria’s Environment campaign today.

Read our Draft Policy Agenda here >

Read the 'Victoria's Environment: A State in Reverse' report here >

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Keeping dirty old coal polluter going:

December: The government walks away from previous government commitment to replace Hazelwood, Australia's dirtiest power station.More


Victoria's Alpine National Parks turned into cow paddocks:

February: Cattle are reintroduced to Victoria's Alpine National Parks, causing erosion and spreading weeds. More

Getting rid of water Target 155:

February: New Water Minister Peter Walsh scraps water consumption targets, calling them a ‘political slogan’. More

Extending duck hunting season:

March: The Department of Sustainability and Environment extends duck hunting season – a practice banned in WA, NSW and QLD - to 12 weeks. More

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First budget has little for our environment:

May: Treasurer’s first budget totally neglects the environment, omitting the very few pre-election environmental commitments the government did make. More

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Silencing community voices:

May: $1 million of funding is slashed from Environment Victoria in an effort to stop us drawing attention to their regressive actions. Later 400 jobs are cut from the Department of Sustainability and Environment. More

Bringing the wind industry to a standstill:

May: Most of Victoria is a no-go zone as any landholder within 2km can block a wind farm. The same laws do NOT apply to coal mines or power stations.More

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Removing all traces of Victoria's Climate Change White Paper:

June: On the eve of Victoria’s Climate Change Act becoming law, all traces of the Climate Change White Paper are suddenly removed from government websites. More

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Negative 'lights out' scaremongering:

July: Government ministers launch public scare campaign, warning of power-outages and ‘thousands’ of job losses if Hazelwood is replaced. More

Scrapping the Climate Communities Fund:

August: Communities are told that programs to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions do not represent ‘value for money’ and are denied funding. More

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Slashing support for solar:

September: The solar feed-in tariff, the subsidy that helps households with the cost of installing solar, is cut by more than half. More

Allowing firewood collection from key national parks:

September: Government amends national parks legislation to abolish firewood collection fees and to allow collection in Red Gum national parks. More

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Slashing support for solar power:

October: After already slashing feed-in tariffs paid by retailers for rooftop solar, the government further restricts access to feed-in tariffs. More

The license to pollute for half a century:

October: Alcoa Anglesea's licence is renewed with no conditions attached and a coal mine approved over 214 hectares of coastal heathlands. More

Cutting protection for our endangered species:

November: Habitat of critically endangered species including our state emblem, Leadbeaters Possum can be logged under proposed laws. More

Breaks promise to return water to environment:

November: Government announces that water from the north-south pipeline is up for sale instead of returning it to the environment as promised. More

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Putting decisions about sustainable logging in the hands of loggers:

December: Government offers up 20 year logging contracts on Victoria’s native forests, giving VicForests power to set its own logging limits. More


Fudging the numbers on the cost of carbon:

January: Energy Minister Michael O'Brien ignores economic modelling on carbon tax, wrongly claiming Victoria would be hit "first and hardest". More

Totally addicted to coal:

February: Recommits $50 million to HRL's new coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley. More

Dropping renewable energy and climate programs:

February: After a government-ordered review, Sustainability Victoria dumps programs for small businesses to cut greenhouse emissions.More

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Retreating from proposal to introduce a bottle deposit scheme:

March: Government retreats from its proposal for a bottle deposit scheme, which has drastically reduced landfill in South Australia. More

Running taxpayer-funded PR campaign to improve coal's image:

March: Leaked cabinet submission reveals secret plans to allocate billions of tonnes of brown coal and run a PR campaign around the coal industry. More

Trampling on Australia's lifeblood, the Murray:

March: The decision to protect large areas of the Murray River is overturned, giving the go ahead for cattle grazing in conservation parks. More

Abandoning plans to reduce pollution:

March: Target to reduce emissions by 20% under Climate Change Act is dropped, along with promise to limit pollution from new power stations. More

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Victoria to become the brown coal capital of the world:

March: Government announces allocation of brown coal in Victoria's Latrobe Valley with the potential to produce 73 years of Australia's emissions! More

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Budget fails to deliver on key promises, significantly cuts environment, climate change policy funding and more!

May: Spending on environment is cut by over a third, funding skewed towards roads over public transport, and climate change program omitted. More

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Scrapping pledge to replace energy guzzling street lights:

May: The ''green light plan'' trumpeted by Mr Baillieu a week out from the 2010 election is cut. More

Weakening planning rules designed for sea-level rises:

June: Government winds back rules which require new developments in seaside towns to plan for sea-level rises caused by climate change.More

Budget cuts for DSE lead to sackings of river health workers:

June: Following budget cuts, 17 West Gippland Catchment Authority workers are sacked and river health programs are scaled back. More

Sprawling over green wedges:

June: Six new suburbs are announced for Melbourne, destroying vital habitat corridor for the threatened Southern Brown Bandicoot. More

Showing signs of abandoning commitment to solar targets:

July: Energy Minister Michael O’Brien refuses to confirm whether the government is still committed to a 5% solar target by 2020. More


Undermining the integrity of national parks:

August: National parks are opened up for development and prospecting and an open-cut gold mine is approved in Wombat State Forest. More


Cutting more environment jobs:

September: The government slashes 15 marine research jobs from the Department of Primary Industries and announces plans to cut 120 jobs from Parks Victoria. More


Further slashing support for solar power:

September: Breaking a key election promise to provide 'fair reward' for rooftop solar users, the government slashes the feed-in tariff even further. More


Reintroducing logging in River Red Gum forests:

November: Just two years after national parks were formed to protect River Red Gum forests on the Murray, they're opened up to loggers under the guise of 'ecological thinning'. More


Allowing livestock in water catchments:

November: The government erodes regulations to protect our waterways by allowing cattle to graze in open potable water catchments . More


Flicking the switch on environmental programs:

December: In the lead up to Christmas the government scraps a number of environmental programs including the solar hot water rebate, blaming the carbon price. More



Weakening environmental approval processes on major projects:

January: Sweeping new powers are announced for the Planning Minister to circumvent environmental approval processes. More


Redrawing the boundaries of Alpine National Park:

February: The government excises part of the Alpine National Park without community consultation to allow for expansion of Falls Creek Resort. More


Releasing a disappointing climate adaptation plan:

March: The government releases 'climate adaptation plan' that ignores the impacts of climate change already observed and the current scientific projections. The plan proposes no significant action and commits no money. More


Putting the 'fox in the henhouse':

April: The Department of Environment and Sustainability is swallowed up by the department responsible for mining natural resources, posing the risk of serious conflict of interest. More


Budget abandons environment promises:

May: The Budget bets Victoria's future on coal, freeways and port dredging, at the expense of clean energy, energy efficiency programs and public transport . More


99-year private leases on our national parks:

May: Our precious national parks are handed over to developers for 99-year private leases for commercial development. More


Key environment promise goes to water:

July: The Government breaks key election commitment to investigate the management of Victoria’s rivers, wetlands, estuaries and groundwater systems More


New Waterway Strategy won’t rescue our rivers:

October: The government’s own research shows no improvement in the health of Victoria’s rivers since 2004. The Victorian Waterway Management Strategy will do very little to change that. More


Broken promises and backward steps:

July: After three years in office, our audit of the Napthine Government's environment performance finds 13 broken promises and a series of backward steps. More



Opening up national and state parks for prospectors and fossickers:

Feb: Government opens up new areas in national parks for fossicers and prospectors, risking damage to natural areas and waterwaysMore


Removing protection for bandicoots:

March: A plan to shield the endangered southern brown bandicoot from the impact of Melbourne's rapidly growing urban sprawl is dumped. More


Suppressing use of term 'climate change':

Mar: Public servants are instructed to suppress use of the term 'climate change'. More


Funding more pollution, not solutions:

April: Tearing ahead with $90m taxpayer giveaway to coal industry while clean-up from Hazelwood mine fire stalls More


Slashing funding for environment:

May: Slashing funding for environment programs and failing to deliver on key environment election promises despite a budget surplus of $1.3 billion. More

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