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State and Federal Government’s extend HRL funding until 30th June

On Friday 10 February, Energy Minister Martin Ferguson announced a six-month extension of the federal government’s $100 million funding grant to HRL, the company behind the proposed new coal-fired power station in Victoria.

Check out Environment Victoria’s media release about the announcement 

This shocking announcement came the day after thousands of your made your voices heard in Canberra and sent a clear message that you want HRL defunded

The announcement was obviously disappointing to Environment Victoria and our supporters, but all is not lost.

In fact, in the announcement both the state and federal governments made it clear that this would be the final extension offered to the company, and that if the company fails to meet the conditions of the grant by 30th June, the funding will disappear.

It’s not often that you get a clear timeline for your campaign, but with the Ministers’ announcement we know that HRL have six months to prove their project, and we’ve got the same amount of time to convince our politicians and other potential funders that HRL is a dud investment.

The race is now on!

It’s not going to be easy, but we never thought it would be. What we do know is that with you on our side and a commitment to keep growing our movement of people who say no to polluting coal and yes to clean renewable energy, we can win.

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