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What do we do?

We advocate for big, important and permanent changes to safeguard our environment and the future well-being of all Victorians.


  • We work with others to develop bold solutions that rapidly transition Victoria to a sustainable state
  • We inspire people, governments and businesses to take action on environmental solutions through advocacy, education and empowerment
  • We hold people of influence, governments and businesses to account for their decisions and actions 


Our focus

Like our planet, Environment Victoria has finite resources. So we focus our efforts on where we can create the biggest outcomes for Victoria’s environment. So, (drumroll please...) the main focus of our efforts over the next several years will be around:

1. Creating a safe climate

We advocate for, and help pioneer, the shift to a zero emissions energy and energy efficient economy.

2. Restoring our ecosystems to health

We advocate for Victoria’s ecosystems to be restored, with a focus on safeguarding our rivers and wetlands.

3. One Planet Living

We advocate for a clean economy and clever forms of consumption that reduce our ecological footprint and secure our future wellbeing.


Why do we do all this, I hear you ask. Here's why


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