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What we believe 

A healthy environment underpins the lives, health and wealth of all Victorians and safeguarding our environment is critical to our wellbeing.

Right now we know that our environment is in serious trouble and because of this, so are all Victorians.

We can restore our environment and secure a healthy future. Victoria can have a safe climate, healthy rivers and magnificent forests rich with wildlife as well as livable cities and communities. In making the necessary switch to clean energy, a green economy and zero waste we will also create exciting new sustainable jobs; modern, smart industries and a more prosperous, resilient future.

We all have a responsibility to act. Our choices today will determine the future for our environment and of all Victorians. Because the challenges we face are both urgent and large, our response must be too. That’s why we advocate for big, important and permanent changes and help Victorians to do the same.


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