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Environment Victoria Promise Watch

We've created a Promise Watch that lists the environment and climate change policy commitments of the major parties, to help you make an informed decision at November’s election.

Read the latest version of Promise Watch here (updated 28 Nov) >

Promise Watch aims to provide factual, spin-free, up-to-date information for Victorians about environmental issues and climate change.

But it won’t just keep voters informed in the lead-up to the election. By publishing the commitments of the political parties on important issues like coal, renewable energy, sustainable homes and protecting our fragile rivers, we’ll keep doing our job of increasing transparency and holding our elected leaders to account.

If you want to find out more about the current government's history on environmental policy, you can check out our Enviro watch page. It lists the key actions that the Baillieu/Napthine Government have taken on environmental policy issues over it's term in government...(hint: the results don't look great)


Promise Watch focuses on our ten priority policy areas which were sent to each political party in August and our longer 2014 election environment policy agenda.

There are 3 categories:
1. Cleaning up our power supply and reducing carbon pollution;
2. Making our homes and communities efficient, affordable and sustainable; and
3. Protecting and restoring our natural environment.

Each week leading up to the election on 29 November, Environment Victoria will update Promise Watch to include any new statements, policies or promises made by the political parties. Because all three major political parties set policy centrally, our Promise Watch focuses on the statements made by key spokespeople, rather than candidates.


Environment Victoria has also written to all parties contesting the 2014 state election outlining our Top 10 State Election Policy Priorities - and asking for their policies in these key areas:
Read our letter here



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