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Since taking office the federal Coalition has taken us years backwards when it comes to environment protection.

We’re keeping an eye on the biggest decisions and actions taken by the current federal government that affect our precious environment – for better or worse.

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Destroying Our Environment


Climate (17)

Clean Energy (8)

Forests and Parks (7)

Rivers and Oceans (11)

Environment Programs (6)

Energy Efficiency (5)

And more! (8)



Helping Our Environment

  • Promising to monitor the Antarctic whale hunt. More

  • Announcing a $1.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund for Direct Action (though this is widely regarded as being inferior to a carbon price in terms of driving emissions reduction). More

  • Announcing $9 million to the National Climate Change Adaptation Facility. More

  • Pledging $800 million for the Green Army. More

  • Vowing to maintain a temporary ban on the Supertrawler. More

  • Listing the Leadbeater's Possum as 'critically endangered'.  More

  • Begrudingly pledging $200m to Green Climate Fund. More

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