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Their performance so far

Since taking office the Abbott Government have take us years backwards when it comes to environment protection.

So we’re keeping an eye on the biggest decisions and actions they’re taking that affect our precious environment – for better or worse.



Here are the actions they’ve made, current as Tuesday, 8 April 2014:

  • Failing to appoint a Minister for Science or a Minister for Climate Change. More
  • Promising to monitor the Antarctic whale hunt. More
  • Killing off the independent Climate Commission. More
  • Announcing a $1.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund for Direct Action (though this is widely regarded as being inferior to a carbon price in terms of driving emissions reduction). More
  • Attempting to abolish the mining tax. More
  • Announcing $9 million to the National Climate Change Adaptation Facility. More
  • Slashing jobs at the CSIRO. More
  • Pledging $800 million for the Green Army. More
  • Watering down Australia's target to reduce carbon pollution. More
  • Vowing to maintain a temporary ban on the Supertrawler. More
  • Cutting $435 million from renewable energy development. More
  • Accusing the UN climate head of talking ‘through her hat’ on the link between climate change and bushfires. More
  • Wants to cut Australia’s renewable energy target, leading to uncertainty and delay for renewable energy investors. More
  • Failing to send a government minister to represent Australia at international climate talks. More
  • Attempting to abolish the price on pollution. More
  • Moving to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. More
  • Moving to abolish the independent Climate Change Authority. More
  • Refusing to support the establishment of an international fund to help developing nations reduce carbon emissions. More
  • Approving one of the world's largest coal ports near the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. More
  • Weakening the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to allow them to ignore formal conservation advice for endangered species.  More
  • Revoking ‘critically endangered’ listing for Murray-Darling. More
  • Handing over responsibility for environmental approval to the states by creating a 'one-stop shop' for businesses. More
  • Weakening protections in marine sanctuaries throughout Australia’s new national network of marine parks. More
  • Attempting to silence those willing to speak up for mother nature by defunding the Environment Defenders Offices. More
  • Cutting $6.7 million from the Caring for our Country program which grants money to conservation projects. More
  • Terminating the Low Carbon Communities program, which provides grants to local councils and other groups to make energy efficiency upgrades to community buildings More
  • Cutting the Energy Efficiency Opportunities program so big polluters no longer required to identify energy saving practices  More
  • Announcing a review of the health effects of wind farms, despite numerous studies finding no evidence of adverse effects More
  • Supporting shark cull in Western Australia by granting exemption from threatened species laws More
  • Seeking new powers to block Infrastructure Australia from considering how climate change may affect needs in sectors such as energy and transport More
  • Canning efforts to secure World Heritage listing over Cape York More
  • Seeking to revoke the World Heritage listing of Tasmania's forests, less than a year after it was approved. More
  • Legislating to prevent court challenges to the approval of mining projects where conservation advice is ignored. More
  • Handing over the ability to approve offshore oil and gas projects to the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority.More
  • Slashing hundreds of jobs from the Environment Department.More
  • Declaring Australia has "too much locked-up forest" and acclaiming forestry workers as "the ultimate conservationists" More
  • Allowing the Victorian Government to conduct cattle grazing in Alpine National Park More
  • Slashing nearly 500 jobs at the Department of Environment and cutting funding by $100 million More

Any items to add to the list that we've missed? Let us know by emailing editor@environmentvictoria.org.au




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