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Cut the diesel rebate

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If you think the diesel rebate is an unfair and polluting way of spending taxpayer money, then let Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg know. He's the strongest Victorian voice in budget negotiations, and he needs to hear from people who'd prefer that money to be spent on better things, like health, education and clean energy.


What is the diesel rebate?

The diesel rebate, more formally known as the Fuel Tax Credit Scheme, gives most industries 38 cents back for every litre of diesel they use.

Essentially, the Federal Government is letting them get away with not paying tax on fuel, which you and I have to do. This rebate adds up to almost $7 billion per year.

Mining companies take the biggest chunk of the subsidy, receiving $2.5 billion each year. Even though they already have billion-dollar profit margins, they’re still getting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year so they can have cheap fuel.

We think that’s not fair, which is why we’re campaigning for the diesel rebate to be capped.
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