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2010 State election

On Saturday, 27 November 2010, Victorians went to the polls and voted in a Coalition Government and a new Premier by the name of Baillieu. So what does that mean for our environment I hear you say? Here’s our verdict…

Let’s be honest – there’s no glossing over the fact that the Coalition’s election promises on the environment were far weaker than the other major parties. They don’t support replacing Hazelwood, or the draft Murray Darling Basin Plan. They want to reintroduce cattle grazing in Victoria’s national parks. And there are plenty of gaps and unanswered questions about how it will address critical environment issues and meet its greenhouse target.

Thankfully though, the Coalition did promise some positive environmental actions such as greater water efficiency and water recycling, improving the star-rating of existing homes, returning water to the Yarra, Thompson, Murray and Snowy Rivers and supporting a target to reduce Victoria’s greenhouse pollution by 20 percent by 2020.

So after all that, we’ve prepared a list of their election commitments - the good, the vague and the downright worrying. You can find it here

You can bet that we’ll be holding the new government to account to these promises and working flat out to get them to change those policies that will send us backwards. In forming the new government the Coalition took on the ethical and legal responsibility to safeguard our environment, combat climate change, rescue our rivers and protect our forests. Our job is to make sure they do just that.

And rest assured, our campaigns to Replace Hazelwood and Rescue Our Rivers will roll on. And next year will be bigger and bolder than ever! So stay tuned, inspired and be there with us as we move towards a sustainable healthy environment for all in 2011.


PS > We've had one mighty big year. And we couldn’t have done it without you and your continued support. So thank you for your hard work, for your dedication and for your unwavering commitment to our environment. To cap off your year, join us as we celebrate our successes of 2010. Jump for joy

State election resources 

We gave them an agenda to safeguard our environment


State election 2010 scorecard

Environment Victoria, together with our colleagues at The Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth and the Victorian National Parks Association have prepared a detailed environment policy scorecard to help guide you on the various environment policies of the major parties contesting the state election.

The scorecard is based on our agenda for the next term of government which we released and sent to all parties in November 2009. It's called Turning it Around.

See the results here >

*Current at Friday, 26 November 2010.


State election scorecards from years gone by

In 2007 and 2008 we released a report, with other Victorian and national environment groups, tracking the state government's performance against their election promises on the environment.

See the 2008 report here
See the 2007 report here


New eco hub in Frankston to raise profile of the environment

25 June 2014
Christian Tatman, Frankston Standard Leader

ENVIRONMENT Victoria has opened a new hub in Frankston to promote discussion of the environment.

Community organiser Jane Stabb said...


Frankston: Environment Victoria to launch Enviro Hub

2 June 2014
Peninsula Weekly

With the November state election looming, the soaring costs of living is set to be a key issue in Frankston.

And the focus would be on decreasing home heating bills...


'No incentive' in direct action policy

28 April 2014
Farrah Plummer, Latrobe Valley Express

Brown coal power stations in the Latrobe Valley are unlikely to participate in the Federal Government's direct action climate change policy, according to an...


Coal talks ignore Vic mine fire victims

28 April 2014

THE Victorian government is hosting a conference for coal producers while victims struggle with the impact of the Hazelwood coal mine fire, an environmental group says.

Environment Victoria is...


Call for more money for Vic mine clean-up

16 April 2014
The Australian

COMMUNITY groups want a $90 million fund for new brown coal technology in Victoria's Latrobe Valley to be instead used to pay for the Hazelwood coalmine fire clean-up.

The Voices...


Wimmera River health information online

26 February 2014
Matt Coughlan, Wimmera Mail-Times

A NEW online database released by Environment Victoria will provide information on the health of the Wimmera’s rivers.

The interactive maps, or ‘...


Heat to rise on Hazelwood

21 February 2014
Latrobe Valley Express

THE management of the Hazelwood mine and its regulation by government is expected to come under fierce scrutiny in coming weeks, as questions arise over the mine's fire preparedness prior to...


Point Henry closure to impact Valley

20 February 2014
Latrobe Valley Express

Alcoa's decision to close its Point Henry aluminium smelter at Geelong, at the cost of 500 direct jobs, will likely cause a ripple effect through Latrobe Valley's electricity...


Alcoa plant closure delivers another blow to coal power industry

18 February 2014
Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy

US-based aluminium giant Alcoa has announced that it will close its Point Henry smelter in Geelong, Victoria, as well as two rolling mills...


Bid for coal a 'blight on the ground'

17 February 2014
Farrah Plummer, Latrobe Valley Express

A MOVE from AGL to retain the rights of an estimated two billion tonnes of brown coal extends a period of uncertainty for about 30 landholders in Flynn.



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Plant a tree for National Tree Day

posted by Tom on Tuesday, 1 July, 2014 - 16:36

We owe so much to trees: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the paper you’re reading this on… Ok, got you with that one, but the list goes on!

Trees are good for our environment, good for our society, good for our economy and good for us! So help us...

Put your money where your mouth is

posted by Tom on Tuesday, 29 April, 2014 - 12:35

Last month Desmond Tutu called for an anti-apartheid-style boycott of the fossil fuel industry: urging “people of conscience…to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change.” And recently Bendigo Bank...


Point out the mammoth in the room this election

posted by Tom on Friday, 23 August, 2013 - 15:14

It’s the most crucial election for our environment in decades and yet no one’s talking about the mammoth in the room. 

Sure, Tony Abbott’s called himself ‘a fair dinkum environmentalist’ and Kevin Rudd’s called climate change ‘the greatest...


Put your money where your mouth is

posted by Tom on Thursday, 2 May, 2013 - 13:43

How you invest and manage your money can have a big impact on our environment. So why not take the Ethical Money Challenge, to ensure that your money is used to create the future you want?

So you’ve tried green cleaning, riding to work and eating green. You’re a real green...


Duck hunting in Ramsar listed wetlands – is it a wise use?

posted by Juliet on Friday, 8 March, 2013 - 10:22

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Significance is an international treaty that provides for the conservation and ‘wise use’ of wetlands and their resources. Its mission is "the...


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A special election word from our CEO, Kelly O'Shanassy Thursday, 25 November 2010 With the state election only a couple of days away we need to make sure we use this opportunity to speak up for our environment. Share  
Rally to Replace ALL of Hazelwood draws thousands Saturday, 6 November 2010 5000 people took to the streets to call on political leaders to commit to Replacing ALL of Hazelwood in the next term of government. Copyright: Andrew McDonald

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