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Gunbower-Koondrook-Perricoota Storylines

For generations, people have been drawn to GKP's natural beauty, tranquility and abundant wildlife. And it continues to provide explorers with opportunities for bushwalks, kayaking trips, bird watching, boat rides and catching fish to cook on the camp fire.

But the forests and river desperately need our help. Continuing low water levels in the Murray have put this delicate ecosystem under great stress. Many of its plant and animal species face an increasingly doubtful future: huge numbers of magnificent Red River Gums are dying, native fish are failing to breed, and once-abundant water-birds are disappearing.

Inspired by personal memories and meanings of this site, the GKP storytellers are helping ensure the survival of this amazing place by showing the world why it is worth protecting.

Discover some of their stories here...

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Where does the water go?

The forest and river provide a rich source of inspiration for Shelly and her primary school students in their visual art projects... watch here

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A shared responsibility

The indigenous knowledge of the land passed on from mother to daughter calls for all people to work together for their health... watch here

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Breathing with the forest

Flying over the GKP forests in her light plane and reflecting on her place in the natural world, Linda sees the Murray River from... watch here

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How lucky am I?

Seeing the forest in flood over nine consecutive years confirmed Lindsay's love for the area and the abundance of wildlife it... watch here

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Going 'round in circles

A life spent working and playing in the Red Gum forest shows Faye how the past, present and future are connected. Faye loves... watch here

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In our element

Faith's time at Gunbower with her Dad provided her many chances to grow as a person and helped her decide the path that... watch here

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The bush is my backyard

Denise has watched the bush teach valuable lessons to many people, including herself and her family, and hopes future generations... watch here

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Silent Partner

Riding their horses together through Gunbower Forest over many years made these three friends very close to eachother and to... watch here

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Water makes honey flow

Two generations of successful honey harvesting amidst the healthy flooding forest but since the drought, the honey flow has stopped... watch here

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A tiger snake with garters

The variety of birds and animals in the flooded GKP forest cemented Ken's love of the place and the duty of care he feels he now owes... watch here


Three cheers for the GKP project partners:
Murray Darling Basin Authority
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North Central Catchment Management Authority
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