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We're a pretty snazzy bunch. But best of all, we're utterly committed to safeguarding our environment. (Every last man and woman of us.)

And we're always on the look out for new talent


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Mark Wakeham

I believe Victoria can shed emissions now and be a green jobs leader.  

+613 9341 8100


Cate Hoyle

I believe if we all live more sustainable lifestyles future generations will have a future.

+613 9341 8100

Jing Lu

I believe 5 million people taking Green Action can change the world.

+613 9341 8115

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Jane Stabb
Organising Program Manager

I believe that strong and connected communities can get our environment back on the agenda and create a safe climate for those who come after us.

+613 9341 8113

community organiser Adele
Adele Neale
Community Organiser


+613 9341 8119

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Juliet Le Feuvre
Healthy Rivers Campaign Manager

I see a future where healthy rivers sustain abundant life.

+613 9341 8106

Jonathan Storey
Fundraising Director


+613 9341 8103

Shannan Courtenay
Fundraising Officer


+613 9341 8116

Nick Aberle
Safe Climate Campaign Manager

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?  

+613 9341 8112

Cat Nadel
Safe Climate Campaigner

+613 9341 8166

Tony Cox
Database Officer

I believe we're changing the world, one Green Action at a time.

+613 9341 8110

Cameron Wheatley
Digital Campaigns and Media Officer

I believe that solving environmental challenges offer us one of the greatest opportunities to create a better world.

+613 9341 8107

Greg Foyster
Communications and Partnerships Manager

We are all part of nature: in fact, the person you love is 72 percent water.

+613 9341 8105

Alex Merory
Communications Manager


+613 9341 8125


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