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We're a great investment

We work really hard to make wise choices about how we allocate the money and resources you donate to us. Which, quite frankly, makes Environment Victoria one of the best investments you can make these days.

We will spend your money on the things that matter most – getting water to our rivers, reducing Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions, making landfills a thing of the past and empowering people to live sustainably.

Think about it. When you give to Environment Victoria...

  • You help write policy and legislation that will safeguard our environment.
  • You provide a voice for local, regional and statewide concerns.

We believe in using our valuable resources on what matters most. 72 percent of our income is spent on our environment campaigning and education activities, 15 percent on raising funds and 13 percent on essential administration. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. So c'mon. You know you want to help.




  Fundraising 15%

  Administration 13%

  Campaigns 72%




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