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How to green the place you rent

Sometimes renters can feel like they're missing out on the benefits of living in a green house.

That's why our One Million Homes campaign is calling for all rental properties to meet minimum efficiency standards - so that everyone can benefit from lower bills and a more comfortable home.

But in the meantime, we've got a heap of suggestions for simple things you can do at home that result in big environmental savings.

You can also download our Victorian Green Renters’ Guide. Get cracking!


Things you can do right now - no need to talk to your landlord first
Some cheap, removable, DIY tips especially for renters.

Super cheap (and not quite so cheap) things to buy
Whether you've got a big budget or a small one, head down to the shops for these sustaniability items that are renter friendly.

Things to ask your landlord to do
Suggestions for changes which you will need to get permission for.

gift a green action

How to approach your real estate agent or landlord
Hot tips, as well as
a letter and brochure spelling out what's in it for them, to help you convince your landlord to invest in sustainability.

Sustainable renting and the law
What the law says about what you can and can’t do to your place as a renter.

Clancy is making the place he rents green
From collecting rainwater to putting flow restrictors in the taps, Clancy's done plenty. And it's taken more creativity than money.


Are you a landlord? Check out our sustainability information for landlords




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