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Smart Stuff (Less Waste)

Imagine a Victoria where the goods we buy are durable, recyclable and necessary. Where the parts to our old TVs, cell phones, and computers are used over and over again. Where companies make products that are built to last. And package them gently with recycled and recyclable materials. Landfills are a thing of the past. And zero waste is a well-worn habit.

Now imagine yourself getting involved in one of the many ongoing campaigns and programs designed to ensure Victoria's products and services are designed, made, used and discarded with little or no impact on nature.

The Basics

Australians generate 1.9 million tonnes of packaging waste a year. That's enough to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground nine times over.

Even though we're recycling more than we used to, we're also buying more stuff, so the amount of waste we send to landfill has remained the same.

A single e-waste recycling scheme will create hundreds of jobs for Victoria and recycle 20,000 tonnes of computers and televisions each year.

In 2009, Environment Victoria and the Total Environment Centre successfully campaigned for a federal scheme to recycle televisions and computers.


Want to learn a bit more or are you ready for everything we've got?

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  • Campaigns & Programs

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    Most public housing estates across Victoria don’t have recycling services. But several innovative local councils are working with the DHS to trial various recycling methods, with our help.

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