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Water and Healthy Rivers

Imagine a Victoria where we talk about our rivers with pride. Where clean water flows freely. Diverse ecosystems thrive. Nutrient-rich flora and fauna grow in abundance. And your favorite spot beside that babbling brook is still around when your children's children are grown-up.

Now imagine yourself getting involved in one of the many ongoing campaigns and programs designed to restore and protect Victoria's precious waterways.

The Basics

The water out of your tap comes from a river.

Each year, Victorians draw 5 trillion litres of water out of our rivers for irrigation and use by towns. This leaves many of our river ecosystems trying to get by on half the water which would naturally be there.

Environment Victoria's Healthy Rivers Campaign has a long and proud history of working to get rivers a fair share of their own water, with plenty of successes.

For many years we have worked hard on the national Murray-Darling Basin Plan to make sure it delivers for northern Victoria's rivers and wetlands. Now both the Turnbull Government and the Andrews Government are putting the brakes on returning real water to our stressed rivers. The Victorian Minister for Environment, Water and Climate Change has ruled out further water buybacks for rivers - the best method of water recovery - in favour of expensive and environmentally questionable infrastructure measures. The outcomes of the Plan are under pressure from all directions.

The Andrews Government has yet to acknowledge the urgent need for water recovery for rivers and the potential for damaging climate change impacts on freshwater ecosystems such as wetlands. So far we haven’t seen much change from the previous Coalition government.  

So with the government missing in action, we are stepping up to the plate. As well as fighting for a strong Basin Plan that does the job for northern Victoria’s rivers, we are developing an 'Aquaprint' that will outline a community vision for water reform in Victoria, with a particular focus on what needs to happen to protect our rivers in the face of climate change. We’re also pushing for an independent Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) investigation into freshwater dependent ecosystems, and continuing our work to get livestock off river banks.

To do all this we will need your help, so stay tuned!

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  • Campaigns & Programs

  • Spend the cash to cut the crap
    It’s time to move cow out of our rivers. Sign our petition to Parliament asking them to spend the money to get livestock out of our rivers

    Our Rivers, Our Lifeblood
    In this Atlas we take a tour around Victoria, from the Snowy in the east to the Glenelg in the west, from the Murray in the north to the Bunyip in the south.

    Save the Murray

    The mighty Murray - and the rivers that flow into it - are on the brink of collapse. But you can change that...

    River Stories

    Every river tells a story. And we're capturing them...

  • Latest News

  • Murray River "hard hat mentality" has to end

    27 August 2015: Environment Victoria has criticised state and federal water ministers over their “hard hat mentality” to the Murray-Darling Basin, labelling infrastructure projects expensive and ineffective when what rivers really need is more water.

  • Buyback cap threatens rivers - and Howard's legacy

    28 May 2015: The Turnbull Government’s proposed legislation to cap water buybacks is a major threat to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and trashes John Howard’s legacy, says Environment Victoria.

  • Environment Victoria calls on all parties to get cows out of our rivers

    26 November 2014: Environment Victoria will today inflate a giant cow in central Ballarat as part of its Cut the Crap campaign to highlight the issue of cows trampling and polluting the state’s rivers and creeks..

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