Events | 27th May, 2017

Repower convergence

Join volunteers from across the state and get the skills you need to repower Victoria with clean energy from the wind and sun.

The Repower Convergence will bring together people from across the state to connect, share skills and experiences, and plan how to repower Victoria.

If you want to run a local Repower campaign in your town, suburb or electorate, Convergence is the place to learn how to do it and plan your first steps.

Where: Melbourne
When: Saturday 27 May
(and optional second day on Sunday 28 May for additional training in campaigning and organising skills)

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Across the country, communities have already begun the transition to renewable energy. Repower links together and amplifies these efforts – to ensure our political leaders are listening and can’t get away with blocking the renewable energy transition we need!

As part of our new Repower Victoria campaign, Environment Victoria is building and supporting a network of local renewable energy campaigns happening across the state.

At Convergence, we’ll connect you with other passionate people who are working to create change, help you build a strategy that will work in your area and give you the resources you need to win.

Come along to learn from experienced trainers, campaigners and community organisers  covering the key skills and inspiration you need to build support for renewables in your community. We’ll connect you with other passionate people from your area, and hear from inspirational speakers sharing their stories.

Sunday is an optional day for those who are committed to acting in their communities, and want to develop deeper skills in areas such as recruitment and outreach, group and project management, and campaign strategy.

Our movement is strongest when it includes communities and campaigns from regional and country Victoria. If you’re from a regional area, and would like support with transport and accommodation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our organisers at

Together, we’ll build a network of Repower campaigns across Victorian communities to give us the  power we need to speed up the national transition to renewable energy.

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DATE Saturday 27 May, 2017 and optional day Sunday, 28 May, 2017