Webinar: Taking community action on Victoria’s climate targets

Join our webinar to learn all you need to know about our final weeks of community action before the Andrews government sets Victoria’s climate targets for the next decade. 

This is a critical opportunity for Victoria to take action on climate and reduce emissions, but it won’t happen without community pressure. In the remaining weeks before he’s makes his decision, Daniel Andrews needs to hear from Victorians like you that climate targets are his test on climate action and we expect him to deliver.

What we’ll cover:

  • We’ll provide a brief background on emissions reductions targets and why Victoria’s climate targets are so important
  • We’ll introduce our new easy-to-use Action Guide, that will enable anyone in the community to call on Premier Andrews through 6 different tactics, including: 
    • How to get friends, family, and neighbours together to take meaningful action.
    • How to lobby the Andrews government – via email, phone calls, letters and social media.
    • How to call on your organisations, businesses, and professional networks to make a public statement on Victoria’s role in tackling the climate crisis.
    • How to troubleshoot any roadblocks you come across in this process

When: 6pm Wednesday, February 19
Where: join the conference call via or zoom ID 568671884

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