Free webinars: Cut your energy use and your bills!

Learn simple and practical ways to keep your house cosy, reduce energy bills and help cut climate pollution. We're running separate events to cater specifically for home owners AND renters!

Energy efficiency is a win all round; lower energy bills, less climate pollution, and greater comfort during the extremes of summer and winter.

And the best part is the solutions are right at your fingertips. That’s why we are partnering with Tenants Victoria, Renew, and energy efficiency experts to deliver a series of webinars to help owners and renters use less energy and make their homes more efficient.

There are separate webinars for home-owners and renters to make sure the information is specific and relevant. Simply fill out the RSVP below and select the event and time that suits you!

All sessions are free and will be run online via Zoom. Scroll down to learn more about the speakers.


About the Speakers

Ben Cording, Tenants Victoria

Ben Cording has been the principal solicitor at Tenants Victoria for the past 7 years. He is a former school teacher, and passionate about science, the environment and housing. He has also worked extensively in prisons and the disability sector, and is the father of three young and adventurous children.

Tim Forcey

Tim Forcey has provided consulting advice to over a thousand Victorian households as a qualified home energy advisor. In his spare time, he administers and provides free home energy advice to the Facebook Group “My Efficient Electric Home” now nearing 20,000 members. He also generously donates his time and energy to countless environment, community campaigns.” 

Richard Keech

Richard is an engineer, consultant and author with particular interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He has masters degrees in both Engineering (Electronics) and Environment (Energy Efficiency).  He was a lead author of the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan and a regular contributor to Renew’s publications on topics related to energy efficiency.  Richard lives in Melbourne with his family in their zero-carbon home.  Richard is the author of ‘The Energy Freedom Home’ published by Scribe.

Lavanya Pant, Environment Victoria

Lavanya is long-time environmental campaigner and community organiser, with experience in anti-nuclear campaigning across Australia. She’s now the Network Organiser at Environment Victoria, working to build, connect and empower local communities to fight for climate justice.

Emma Horsburgh, Environment Victoria

Emma Horsburgh is the Organising Program Manager at Environment Victoria. As a community organiser, Emma has worked to build people power and empower community leaders within the climate and environment movement with Environment Victoria, the Australian Conservation Foundation, and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.