Take part in the Community Climate Snapshot

Find out where your local decision makers stand on Victoria’s energy transition

The Victorian government has made some good commitments in the last year to help grow the amount of renewable energy powering our state and recently committed to reducing emissions by 45-50% by 2030. But we know that the climate science demands we move faster – starting with a plan to replace all Victoria’s coal power with clean energy solutions by 2030.

People power can lift Victoria’s climate action ambition even further. But we need your help!

To keep building the pressure on our state’s decision makers, we need to know where they stand. That’s why we’re asking volunteers from all over Victoria to take part in the Community Climate Snapshot – helping us build a statewide map of decision makers’ views on how we transition Victoria to renewable energy, faster and fairer.

We’ve created a handy Action Kit with all the info you need to get involved, including a minisurvey to find out your local leaders views, tips and tricks for engaging with decision makers and ways to get support from the EV community. Sign up below to download your copy >>

With your help, we’re aiming to contact as many decision makers as we can across our 88 state electorates and 79 local government areas by the end of June!

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