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Call on Labor Senators to strengthen the government’s Murray-Darling legislation to deliver for rivers, First Nations and regional communities!

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In just weeks, the Australian Senate will make a historic vote on the future of our biggest river system. It could be a lifeline for the Murray-Darling ahead of the next drought – but only if the government fixes key flaws in the legislation.

We’ve built huge momentum these last few months, even travelling to Canberra with people from across the Basin to make sure politicians hear our voices!

But we know the irrigation lobby is ramping up as well. In these crucial final weeks before the Senate votes, we need to keep the pressure on the Labor government and call on them to step up. 

Will you send a message to Labor senators, calling on them to strengthen the federal government’s Murray-Darling bill so it guarantees enough water for healthy, flowing rivers and communities?

We’re calling for:

  • Water rights for Traditional Owners
  • Guarantees that water will be returned to rivers on time
  • Support for the neglected Darling-Baaka and its tributaries

At our event in Canberra this week, we handed over a giant map with hundreds of stories and photos from across the Murray-Darling! That’s Water Minister Tanya Plibersek in the middle.