Add your message for Minister Wynne

Let's show Minister Wynne just how many people care about our precious Bay and want to see it protected!

We’re delivering a giant postcard to Minister Wynne’s office with thousands of messages from the community. Add your voice to let him know why Westernport Bay needs to be protected from AGL’s dirty gas plans.

Right now, Planning Minister Richard Wynne is making a decision on whether to approve AGL’s gas import terminal in Westernport Bay – and he has until 25 March to deliver his final recommendation.

He’s already heard from the experts in the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process how disastrous AGL’s proposal is for our climate and our Bay. Now we need to ramp up the pressure to show him just how many of us in the community stand united against this project. 

We’re collecting thousands of messages from people like you who care about our beloved bay and want to see it protected. To make sure Minister Wynne gets the message loud and clear, we will be hand-delivering a giant postcard filled with these messages straight to his Melbourne office. 

Can you add a personal message for Minister Wynne, telling him why AGL’s dirty gas plan cannot go ahead? 

Your message doesn’t have to be long (1-2 sentences is fine), but should be unique and personal to you. Make sure your message is polite, not rude or offensive – angry messages don’t help our cause.

You could include one of the following points about the project:

  • It would be responsible for massive amounts of climate pollution
  • It could hinder Victoria’s efforts to cut emissions
  • It should be rejected due to the poor quality of AGL’s impact assessment reports and pervasive downplaying of the project’s risks.
  • It violates Victorian regulations which forbid the Environment Protection Authority from allowing wastewater to be dumped in high conservation value areas (like Westernport Bay’s Ramsar-listed wetlands).