Ask federal Water Minister Plibersek to deliver the Murray-Darling Basin in full and on time

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Show federal Water Minister Tanya Plibersek she has your support, and ask her to stand firm on delivering the Basin Plan in full and on time.

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In October 2022, Water Ministers from the five Murray-Darling Basin states and territories met with new federal Water Minister Tanya Plibersek for the first time since the federal election.

With less than 2 years before the Basin Plan deadline, our governments are nowhere close to recovering the vital water that was promised. At stake is the survival of Australia’s largest river system – and all the wetlands, wildlife and communities it supports.

Our rivers simply can’t afford any more delays. But Victoria and NSW are still spruiking dodgy “offset” projects – asking for the Basin Plan’s deadlines to be pushed out so the two states can delay returning water to the river even longer!

Together with our allies at Conservation Council NSW and Conservation SA, we’re calling on Minister Plibersek to stand by her commitment to delivering the Basin Plan in full and on time. Will you add your voice?

Send Minister Plibersek a message, asking her to stand firm and uphold the Basin Plan’s 2024 deadline for water recovery.

Let’s show Minister Plibersek that people across the Basin states are ready to support the federal government’s leadership. If her government is serious about saving the Murray-Darling Basin, she must commit to delivering it in full and on time.