Make the case for 100% renewable energy

Ask your federal MP to commit to much stronger climate action before the next election.

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We have everything we need to slash climate pollution this decade, and reach 100% renewable energy in Victoria.

Email your federal MP below with our briefing paper and the actions they can take right now to limit climate pollution and create future-proof jobs.

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The future has arrived – and much sooner than many people expected. New research released before and during the COP26 climate talks shows 100% renewable energy in Victoria is not only technically achievable within just a few years, it’s also better for our economy and society.

We’ve pulled together all the recent research that shows how we can reach 100% renewable energy and slash climate pollution THIS decade.

Will you send it to your federal MP now, so they know the benefits of climate action in Victoria before they launch their election campaigns?

Some things you could mention in your email:

  • Tell them you live in their electorate and will be voting for clean energy and action on climate at the next election.
  • Tell them why reaching 100% renewable energy is important for you and your loved ones.
  • Ask them whether they’ve read the recent research and whether they’ll work to deliver 100% of our electricity from sun, wind and other renewable power and storage by 2030.
  • Ask them what they plan to do to clean up transport and drive the shift to electric vehicles.
  • Ask them whether they’ll commit to ending public funding for dirty fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas.