The transition to clean energy is underway. But now it’s time to lift the bar. We need to shift faster, and we need to make sure everyone enjoys the benefits of affordable, clean energy.

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Let’s stand together to make sure the Victorian government delivers clean energy for all.


Join a community of Victorians pledging to raise their voice for fast and fair climate action. Sign on to stay updated on ways to make a difference and the parties’ policies on:

  • Efficient electric homes 
  • 100% clean energy by 2030  
  • Support for clean energy jobs and training  
  • Protecting our natural world 

I pledge my support for making the shift to clean energy fast and fair for all Victorians. I'm joining the call for the Victorian government to deliver ambitious action - with detailed plans - to achieve clean energy for all.

The transition to clean energy is underway – but to address the climate crisis we need to seriously ramp up the speed and scale of action.

We have the solutions to power our communities and businesses with affordable, reliable and clean energy. We can live in comfortable, energy efficient homes, and we can create new opportunities and jobs across the state. But we need the leadership to make it happen.

So together, we’re calling on the Victorian government to deliver a fast and fair transition to clean energy that puts communities at the centre, and ensures we can all enjoy the benefits.

‘Clean Energy for All’ means:

  1. Power all Victorian households with 100% clean energy by 2030
  2. Support for all households – whether you rent, own, or live in social housing – to become more efficient and go all-electric.
  3. Scaling up training and education for clean energy jobs and transition

From the city to country, communities are getting behind climate action and done right, we can all share in the benefits of the transition to clean, affordable energy. So let’s do it.

Sign our ‘Clean Energy for All’ pledge and join a community of Victorians raising their voice for fast and fair climate action.