Victoria’s 45-50% by 2030 Target: Tell your Labor MP we need to aim higher

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Victoria’s long-awaited climate targets have been announcedaiming for 28-33% by 2025 and 45-50% by 2030 emissions reductions on 2005 levels. 

The targets bring our state in line with growing global momentum to bring down emissions this crucial decade. 

But they fall far short on what matters most – what climate scientists say we need to avoid the worst climate impacts. We really need to be aiming for emissions cuts of at least 75% this decade.   

And given Victoria has already cut emissions by 25% on 2005 levels (mostly due to the Hazelwood power station closure), a minimum of 28% by 2025 leaves a lot to be desired. The faster we cut pollution the better off we will be. 

Send a message to your ALP MP to congratulate them on stepping up but urge them to go further. If you write a personal message it will be added to the overall email.

There are plenty of positive steps in the Andrews government’s new climate change strategy that are already driving us in the right directionAnd their goal-setting for 2030 is certainly a refreshing contrast to the abysmal approach of the Morrison government. But we need to step on the solar-powered accelerator and aim higher 

As the Andrews government unveil this big climate announcement, they will be waiting to hear what Victorians think.  

It’s critical for what comes next that they hear from you. Let them know you welcome their positive steps in the right direction, but we must turn them into giant leaps to get the climate action we need this decade.