Show your Victorian state MP why native forest logging needs to stop

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Send your Victorian state MP a copy of the ‘After the Logging’ report and remind them why we need to end native forest logging NOW.

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For decades, state logging agency VicForests has been claiming that native forests will be grown back the same as they were before. But a new report finally exposes that lie.

Shocking photos and footage show wastelands dominated by blackberries or bracken. Once beautiful forests, teeming with wildlife, have been razed to bare earth, turned into nothing but woodchips and weeds.

One third of logged areas aren’t regenerating, and it’s even worse for Mountain Ash forests – half of these areas aren’t growing back!

We need all eyes on this damning report. Will you send it to your Victorian state MP, letting them know why it’s urgent that the state government end native forest logging? 

Together with 18 other environment groups, we’re calling for a much faster transition out of native forest logging and for VicForests to be closed down. Help protect our native forests and the precious wildlife they support by adding your voice!