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Ask the Andrews government to release their plan to get Victoria off costly, polluting fossil gas.

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Victorian households and businesses are more reliant on fossil gas – the most expensive source of power in our energy network – than any other state. This leaves us vulnerable to the volatile global gas market and it’s dramatically driving up our power bills.

While this affects all Victorians, rising gas bills hit the most vulnerable people in our community the hardest, forcing families to make difficult choices on household spending.

Fossil gas is also responsible for 17% of Victoria’s climate pollution, so getting off gas will not only save households money (more than $1800 a year) it will go a long way towards our contribution to avoid the worst impacts of global heating.

As this energy crisis unfolds, it’s more urgent than ever that the Andrews government release the Gas Substitution Roadmap – Victoria’s pathway to get off gas to deliver clean and affordable energy for our state. 

Will you ask Premier Daniel Andrews and Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio to urgently release the plan and show Victorians they have a roadmap out of this energy crisis?

Big polluters like Exxon are piling on the pressure to try and stop the government from releasing the roadmap. And it appears they’re having an effect. This week, The Guardian Australia reported that roadmap, which was due to be released this month, could be delayed until after the election.

As gas prices skyrocket, Victorians need to know that their government has a plan to build a zero-emissions energy system that serves all Victorians rather than the interests of big polluters.

One of the first steps is clear, we must electrify our houses and businesses and end our dependence on fossil gas, making sure no one is left behind.