Victoria has a huge gas problem

We use more than any other state in Australia - and it's getting worse!

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Gas use across the world is responsible for half a degree of the global warming already. But Victoria still adds 100,000 homes to the gas network every year, making our problem worse.

That’s why I’m asking you to donate $75 today to get Victoria off gas, and start making a huge dent in the methane pollution that is devastating our environment.

With your support, here’s how we’ll do it:

  1. Mobilise thousands to show strong public support for getting off gas
    Your support will help mobilise our supporters across the state, building diverse and powerful alliances to push decision-makers in the right direction and demand the government act.
  2. Fight gas myths with facts
    We’re going to produce new research and analysis to highlight the possibilities for shifting away from gas – explaining how it’s not only better for our environment, but also our health, jobs, and energy bills. We’ll use news and social media to share this research, so every Victorian knows gas has got to go.
  3. Work alongside local councils to build momentum away from gas
    Some local councils are already leading the way when it comes to a clean energy future. We’ll engage with these councils and tell their story publicly, calling on other local councils and the Victorian government to get on board.

Together, we can get Victoria off dirty gas, and push for a future powered by 100% clean energy.

Image credit: Craig Sillitoe