It's time for Victoria to get off gas

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Call on the Andrews government to phase out polluting gas in Victoria.

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Fossil gas is already responsible for 17% of Victoria’s emissions, but outdated planning regulations mean tens of thousands of homes are being forced to connect to the fossil gas network every year – supporting the expansion of destructive gas mining and locking in future emissions.  

The Victorian government is working on a long-term ‘Gas Substitution Roadmap’. But we already know changing these laws is a simple and urgent first step in the path to phasing out fossil gas. 

It has the backing of Infrastructure Victoria, an independent advisory body, and there is no need to wait until the gas substitution roadmap is finished to do the right thing. It’s time to ensure our new buildings are all-electric. 

Sign the petition to the Andrews government. Tell them to phase out gas in Victoria and to take immediate no-regrets actions to put us on the right path. 

We call for the Andrews government to: 

  1. Urgently update regulations that force new Victorians homes to pay for gas infrastructure.  
  2. Update the Victorian planning scheme to ensure all new buildings are all-electric as they are safer, cheaper and better for the environment than gas buildings, and support those local governments that want to go further towards carbon-neutral buildings. 
  3. Develop a plan to phase out gas in Victoria. Focus on harnessing our abundant renewable resources to ensure that Victorians homes and businesses are fuelled by clean and affordable electricity. This plan should include binding interim targets for reduced gas usage and be consistent with keeping global warming to 1.5 C degrees scenario.