Ask the Victorian Liberal party: what's your plan to get off gas?

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Victorians use more gas than any other state in Australia. It’s the most expensive source of power in our energy network, it has dangerous impacts for our health AND it’s responsible for a whopping 17% of our annual climate pollution. 

It’s clear that any plan to cut Victoria’s emissions and secure a safe climate must include getting off gas. And with voters heading to the polls in November, any party serious about climate action needs to rule out gas.

Over the weekend, the Victorian Labor government released their long-awaited Gas Substitution Roadmap. It doesn’t go nearly far enough to address the climate and energy crises Victorians are experiencing now. But it does show us that the government is serious about transitioning our energy system away from polluting, expensive gas.

Meanwhile, Matthew Guy and the Victorian Liberal party are still trying to spruik MORE dirty gas in Victoria’s future! Will you send Opposition Leader Matthew Guy a message, asking him to get serious about climate action and show us their plan to get off gas?

This outrageous suggestion goes against the advice of the International Energy Agency, who’ve made it clear that we cannot invest in any new coal or gas if we’re going to stay within the safe limits of global heating.

Right now, our politicians have an opportunity to create a bold vision for how we transition our energy system to clean renewables and storage. Matthew Guy says the Liberal Party is ready for climate action – so it’s time for him to show voters they’re serious, with a plan to get Victoria off dirty fossil gas.