It's time to change the story

Your gift of $45 today will launch our new campaign for living rivers

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With your donation we can:

1. Build a diverse movement capable of shifting water politics

Working with partners in each of the big Basin States, we will reach out to farmers, First Nations and community groups, and existing water leaders. Starting with town hall meetings to identify community priorities, we will support local campaigns for healthy rivers and sustainable economies. This will build a powerful fighting base across the Basin, capable of shifting water politics.

2. Change the story at the heart of the Basin

For a future where river communities and nature thrive, we need to hear the stories of local leaders who can cut through the political spin and self-interest of corporate agribusiness and explain issues in the most powerful and personal terms. We will train spokespeople to keep local media accountable, build consciousness around the places we need to protect, and draw the link between the future of communities and the health of our rivers.

3. Secure a plan to get water back into our rivers

For too long, politicians and the authorities meant to protect our rivers have undermined the Basin Plan. We know how these issues can be fixed, including water buybacks, transparent tracking of progress and taking climate change into account. We’ll be campaigning for these, and calling out attempts to weaken the plan, helping to get water back into our rivers for communities and nature.

Thank you for your support.