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We need a ‘homeworthy’ standard for rental homes

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The Victorian government has heard our call for efficiency standards for rental homes! The new legislation currently before Parliament includes the power to set standards for health, safety and efficiency.

This is a big win for everyone who has called for this long overdue, common-sense reform.

But we’re not there yet. With only a few days of Parliament left before November’s election, time is running out to get these new laws in place.

Will you contact your MP to urge them to prioritise getting this legislation passed before the election?

At a time when energy bills are top of many Victorian households’ list of concerns, the single biggest thing the Andrews government could do to help renters cut their cost of living is to help them cut energy waste through efficiency standards.

Our Bringing Rental Properties up to Scratch report maps out how efficiency standards for rental homes could help keep energy bills affordable for renters, while creating thousands of jobs and helping Victoria cut climate pollution.

Introducing the standards in a smart, staged way over several years would give landlords ample time to get their properties up to scratch and minimise the risk of unreasonable rent increases and evictions.

Let’s not miss this opportunity to introduce standards and prevent stories like these…

“The place is so poorly insulated that the heater can’t get the room up above 18 degrees in winter despite costing me more in electricity than I pay in rent. We have resorted to not using the heater at all and survived the winter with copious layers of thermals and hot water bottles.” – Nerida, Elsternwick

“On hot days we often hang survival blankets and shade-cloth over the windows to stop the heat. It means living in the dark, but it’s better than cooking in a glasshouse.” – Arnold, Brunswick West

“There was grass growing through the floorboards alongside the carpet in the main bedroom.” – Brenda, Rosebud

“In winter it is freezing, and in summer it is boiling. No insulation. I had to rug up all winter, to keep warm with blankets as I could not afford to use my heater.” – Catherine, Richmond