Meet your MP: Victoria’s emission reduction targets

Request a meeting with your MP

Email your MP to ask for a meeting about Victoria’s Emission Reduction Targets. Tell them why urgent climate action is so important to you and your community.

Victoria is setting emission reduction targets for 2025 and 2030 right now.

We are in a climate crisis and in the absence of federal action, leadership from states like Victoria is critical.

This is the most important decision the Andrews government will make in this term of Parliament. The level of ambition set in these targets will flow down to every decision the government and wider Victorian community makes on climate for the next ten years. So it is critical that these targets are consistent with keeping warming to 1.5 degrees.

State Labor MPs need to hear from people like you that the Victorian community wants strong climate action.

Can you email your MP and ask for a meeting to share why you care about climate action and what the Andrews government needs to do to deliver on its pledge to be a climate leader?

Need more information? Why not check out this MP Meeting Guide for more info on the climate targets and for tips and tricks for a successful meeting? Read our MP Meeting Guide here.