Minister, would YOU rent this house?

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Tell the Minister we need minimum standards for rental properties

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Too many rental homes in Victoria aren’t up to scratch, and tenants are paying for it in outrageous heating and cooling bills and unhealthy living conditions. It’s unfair.

Rental homes make up around a quarter of our housing in Victoria. If renters are missing out on the benefits of energy efficiency, then Victoria is missing out on a massive opportunity to cut the greenhouse pollution that causes climate change.

Send your message to the Victorian Minister for Consumer Affairs asking for minimum standards for rental properties.

There’s a review of rental legislation underway right now, and we’re working with our One Million Homes Alliance partners to get standards in place.

The government released an Options Paper in January, and it does consider introducing standards for ‘health, safety and amenity’. So now we just need to keep up the pressure to ensure efficiency is included as well.

The Minister needs to hear loud and clear that poor quality rental housing is having a major impact on the lives of thousands of Victorian tenants.

Jack’s story:

Jack and his housemates have just endured winter in a freezing house without a functional heater. Now they’re dreading summer. With no insulation or window shading, their old weatherboard house bakes under the smallest amount of sun.

Added to that, their roof leaks, laundry pipes don’t drain properly, some power points don’t work, and there are holes in the walls.  They’d like to grow their own veggies but the backyard taps aren’t even connected to water.

“It’s really frustrating to be surrounded by so many simple things that wouldn’t actually cost much to fix, but have such a big impact on our quality of life,” says Jack. “It’s not much to ask that landlords spend a bit of money here and there just to keep things liveable.”