Victorians are voting for climate

A message for the next Australian government

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Almost 70% of Victorians say climate action is important to them this election, and now’s the time to raise our voices.


Will you ask your federal MP to champion climate action within their party, and ensure Victorians are represented in Canberra?

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With a federal election looming, it’s a crucial time to secure commitments from the major parties and set the agenda for the next four years of government.

So no matter which party your federal MP belongs to, it’s crucial they hear from you NOW. Ask them to speak up for fast and fair climate action and for Victorians at a national level.

Together we are calling on the next federal government to take these three priority actions:

• Slash climate pollution this decade. Set strong targets that commit to reducing emissions by 75% by 2030.

• Power our lives with renewable energy. Deliver 100% of our electricity from sun, wind and storage by 2030, and support Victorians to switch their homes and businesses from gas to clean energy.

• Support communities to build a clean energy future. Regions like the Latrobe Valley need federal support to transition to sustainable industries and future-proof jobs. Establish a national just transition authority to support communities to thrive in a clean energy future.

Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries on earth. This means we can power our lives with renewable energy from the sun and wind, delivering cleaner, cheaper power to everyone.

The Victorian government has been making strong progress building clean energy, but now we need the next federal government to step up. We need a national plan to slash carbon pollution this decade and build a thriving clean energy future, where communities are supported through the transition.