One year to save our Bay

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We’re in the midst of a biodiversity and climate crisis. Yet AGL is planning to build a giant, climate-wrecking gas import terminal in the precious, Ramsar-listed wetlands of Westernport Bay.

Your urgent gift today will power our campaign to stop AGL’s polluting gas plan and protect our wetland sanctuary. With your support we can:

1. Keep supporting and growing powerful local opposition
Work with community groups like Save Westernport to help them grow, hold powerful actions and amplify media coverage opposing AGL’s dirty plan. Take Westernport Bay locals to Sydney to meet with AGL’s Board and shareholders at their upcoming AGM.

2. Apply corporate pressure
Coordinate actions involving AGL customers, shareholders and staff to force AGL to back away from their polluting project. Continue to expose AGL’s attempts to undermine environmental protections.

3. Kick-start Victoria’s move away from gas
Gas is a dirty, expensive fossil fuel contributing to dangerous climate change. But the gas AGL wants to import is even more polluting than Victoria’s existing supply. Through research and media, we’ll expose the facts and build momentum for the move away from gas.

With your help, we can protect our climate and Bay from AGL’s dirty gas plan. Thank you so much for your support.

Weedy Sea Dragon Westernport Bay

A male Weedy Sea Dragon carrying fertilised eggs swims under Flinders Pier, Westernport Bay. Photo by Richard Wylie.