Premier Andrews: fix Victoria’s recycling crisis

Our planet is choking on plastic pollution, and Victoria's recycling system is in crisis. But we have the solutions, so let's demand action!

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China’s new waste standards have thrown our recycling system into crisis.


We can no longer export our problems, and we need solutions that are truly sustainable, cut waste AND create local jobs.


Add your name and demand that our elected representatives step up to the challenge.

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For years we’ve been shipping mountains of ‘recyclable’ waste to China, allowing us to push the problem from our mind. But China’s new waste standards mean we can’t export our problems anymore – we have to solve them here.

In every crisis lies an opportunity. And now is our chance to create a recycling system that ensures our efforts to recycle are actually helping us live more sustainably.

To make it happen we need to show the massive level of support for a sustainable, and local recycling industry and better standards that stop waste being produced in the first place.

Sign the petition and call on our elected representatives to:

  1. Develop Victoria’s own recycling industry, rather than exporting recycling jobs overseas
  2. Set strong, consistent standards for recycling collection, handling and processing
  3. Use recycled materials in manufacturing, government projects and infrastructure like roads and buildings
  4. Restore integrity to our recycling system by being transparent and accountable about how much we are recycling, how much waste is going to landfill and where our recycling ends up
  5. Close the loop on waste by progressively requiring all products to be reusable, recyclable or safely compostable.

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