To save nature in Victoria, we must act on climate

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The reasons for urgent action to cut pollution and act on climate change have never been so obvious or heartbreaking. So far, in one fire season alone, one-third of Victoria’s parks and reserves have been completely burned out.

To save nature in Victoria – we need to act on climate. Your support with a generous gift today will:

  1. Sidestep federal inaction with state-based leadership
    The federal government is still refusing to take action on cutting climate pollution. But at a state level, senior Liberals across the country as calling for stronger action. You’ll be helping scale up our existing campaign for Victoria to set nation-leading climate targets, and help coordinate a national effort for other states to follow.
  2. Share stories that show the impacts of climate change
    These fires will fundamentally shape how the country understands climate change. Psychologists tell us real-life stories from everyday people are most effective at shifting people’s perceptions about climate change. You’ll be helping support those on the frontline share their story, and reinforce the link between bushfires and the need for climate action.
  3. Build diverse alliances for strong climate action
    Our elected representatives need to hear that diverse voices support strong action on climate change. You’ll be helping new people find their way into taking climate action, grow existing community groups and build diverse alliances with investor, industry and union bodies. And you’ll be helping support bushfire affected communities speak out about climate change.

With your support, we can help us turn this crisis into the opportunity for climate action we’ve been waiting for. Thank you so much.